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 Flow of smoked


① under treatment
Please remove the extra blood vessels and fat in the case of meat. Let's firmly treatment because in the case of fish becomes a cause of corruption as not remove the gills and internal organs. It is easier to work up to smoked by performing under processing.
② salted
Soak the food in Saumur solution. By confit, seasoning ingredients, of course, also has the effect of taking out a sterilization or extra fat.
③ Shiodashi
Extra salt to penetrate the food was flushed with water, and remove the fishy smell and extra components.
④ Drying
Shiodashi is I make the air dry when finished. Please shade to avoid direct sunlight after it was wiped off in sufficient ingredients of moisture, such as kitchen paper.
⑤ smoked
This is the main and made the process of making smoked. Use the smoke material suitable for food, and smoked ingredients in the smoke. Smoke time and methods will vary depending on the smoking law.
⑥ aging
It is delicious to eat as it is the food of freshly smoked, but you can Mesmerize in the refrigerator overnight, by drying in airy place, smell and taste is calm, it will be more delicious.
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