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 Science of smoked
Mechanisms to enhance the other of preserved food also storage stability smoked is basically the same, you can dry the food, we have to demonstrate the bactericidal effect by or remove the food of moisture. As a feature of the smoked, it is that you smoke over the smoke. It is referred to as a smoke that of smoke used to smoked, the smoke there is work to make soak the sterilization component or antiseptic component in food. Among these sterilization that is included in the typical smoking, as an antiseptic component, carbonyl compounds, phenol compounds, there is an organic acid. First, carbonyl compound has a very high sterilization component and antiseptic effect, whereby ingredients of moisture is pulled out, food is in a dry state. And it will enable food preservation. Faint astringency and deep flavor, etc. produce bitter taste of smoked the effect of the carbonyl compound has a lot to do. Then, phenolic compounds are those of cellulose of the main component in the timber to be used for smoked, hemicellulose, lignin is made by pyrolysis. The main work, strong resin film was made in response to food in smoked wrap the food, to prevent bacteria from entering from the outside. In addition, the long smoked, remove the moisture contained in the food, there is work to increase the storage stability. Finally, the organic acid is also referred to as "carboxylic acid", it has antibacterial action. Thus, since each work is being able to mutually enhance the preservability of the food, it smoked has made up. Food in a state in which the bacteria was breeding is called "rotten" state. In order not to breed bacteria also have a process, such as salted and dried, but smoked it is also important process. In particular (that smoked in the 70 ~ 80 ℃) hot smoking, in (it is smoked in the 80 ~ 140 ℃) smoke roasting, by raising the temperature of the food to a certain extent when you make a smoke, bacteria in food are you killing. Since the bacteria are killed at approximately 60 ℃ or more, it will say that desirable to more temperature. However, it is not anyway mean that may be increased the temperature. Protein, will change the taste will be altered to be more than 80 ~ 85 ℃. For example, if you heat the meat, it will become a texture that was hard becomes flaky. So, to keep the taste while sterilization is desirably to apply the heat for about 2 hours at 60 ~ 80 ℃. It is important to the temperature management and thermal drying of smokers in the process of making a smoked from the above reasons.
Science salted
You also can expect sterilization and sterilization effect the step of salted. The breeding of bacteria requires moisture. Food and by the salting, reducing its moisture, it can prevent the growth of bacteria. Then, even in the step of air drying with desalted, it will further result in a sterilizing effect because it is possible to reduce the water content. You can easily find general of sterilization, most of the bacteria will die if 3 hours smoked. Thus, the storage of smoked sterilization that is in the smoking, with such antioxidant effect, bactericidal effect of the resin film, such as drying effect in smoking is the one obtained by each other act synergistically.
Science of air drying
Without adhering moisture and often smoke is well on the food surface, it may look and flavor deteriorate. So, food was the desalted performs air-dried, then, do the air-drying. The air drying is called that of action to us to dehydrate the moisture can by smoked. By the evaporation of water by this action, it will serve to reduce the weight of the material. In addition, you can also suppress the growth of microorganisms. Fish by air-drying reduces the weight by about 5% every day, further lightly made percentage When something of small increases. After squeezing the blood in pigs and cattle meat, and weighs decrease 3-5%. Then, it decreased 9-14 percent after salted and smoked, the amount of moisture in the red meat will be around 60%. In addition, temperature and humidity also have a significant impact on the reduction of weight. Speed of drying as humidity increases will soon. Therefore, we will use the smoke material wet than dry smoke material. Also, when the temperature of the smoke is constant, it will be accelerated drying more time becomes longer. The speed of the other also of the air flow also has a relationship. Drying rate is being affected by the direction of the air flow. In this way and the smoke flow habit, temperature and humidity, and I can better smoked and if you know and time.
Science of smoking
Speaking of smoked, I do like flavored by smoke food in the smoke. Smoke contains many of the components. The kind it is at least 400 or more just was confirmed. In order to better attach the component of the smoke, the balance that is not too wet not completely dry the food is important. In a dry state too, a component of the smoke material, the amount of blend in the water content in the surface of the food will become less. On the other hand, in a state in which the surface is too wet, it will have been the easy can color unevenness due to smoke on the surface. Wood is used as the material for the smoke. Wood used in the generation of smoke is preferred is hardwood hardwood. For conifers to reverse many resin, and is not suitable for it tends to be of smoke material marked with an unpleasant odor. Hardwood many be used easy tree to come by in the country, while the cherry and beech was often used in Japan, in Germany apple, in Europe and Canada Hickory was used. Wood, etc. but it had many ancient sawdust, recently smoked wood, sold smoked dedicated smoke material called smoke chip is commercially available, the raw material is easy to use and contamination is small at a constant wet and dry state than the old days became.
Taste of secret
Bright yellow appearance of that appears when smoked. Color of pink meat tissue. This is an important smoked effect that brings the appetite to us human beings. For good color, in addition to the salted process, it is important even if the temperature and time of when you make a smoke. Vivid color of the smoke color that brings the appetite that even meat organization, it becomes the thing precisely because that takes time and effort. The smoked process, there is a process to be salted. Salt in this step, spices, it will put a taste by saving material. By performing this step, moderately flavored foodstuffs, enhance water retention, and if such a heated meats such as ham, and can increase the binding property. Besides, the taste of smoke, even we can say that acts scent. There is a thing called aroma components, fragrance By devote to food smoke in smoking process, issue the scent deposited the ingredients contained therein. Smoke aroma is mainly done by the component called phenols Component of smoke is to match the taste and smell, I said that the "flavor".
Good for your health smoked
Smoked salmon is better salinity juicy less. First of smoked salmon began to be introduced in Japan, the case's Meiji era, at that time, it is thought to have been brought over from Europe. Smoked has been used in Japan for a long time in order to save the fish and meat. The components of the meat of such salmon, learning ability improvement, dementia prevention, thromboprophylaxis is effective in such as DHA, and polyunsaturated fatty acids EPA, anserine fatigue recovery effects are expected, and further, the body of oxidation astaxanthin, which is to be effective in inhibiting action and cancer prevention are included. Also, besides they become the main component of the rhodopsin which is a dye of the retina also, some vitamin A that will play a role in maintaining eye health. The nutrient because it is said to have effects of maintaining mucosal health conditions such as skin and throat, enhance immunity and is said to be lead to the prevention of infectious diseases. There is another food that is similar to this. It is a smoked sausage. The ingredients, along with the high-quality protein, and vitamins, you can take phosphorus, magnesium, copper, valuable nutrients such as iron.
Bad for your health smoked?
In recent years, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons contained in the smoke is there is announcement that either does not have an impact on the human body, has been worried. Besides, you can analyze the components of the smoke, and the like or measure the amount of the components have been carried out extensive research in the country. So recently, such as the EU and South Korea is also the country that international regulations such as or to recover the product exceeding the reference value has become stricter. Smoked is in many cases a large amount to the use of salt for preservation. Also when it is dried, further salinity is up. Then, although the lower the salt concentration in the salt disconnect, salt is often. Therefore, people with those of high blood pressure and liver disease is necessary to devise such as reducing the amount of salt when salted.
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