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 The history of bacon
Bacon and the pork was salted, it is what you have after smoked that remove the salts thereof. In Germany, a non-heating of bacon standard, things were heating has been classified as ham. Birthplace of bacon is said and Denmark around centuries BC. At the time, it is used pork salted for the long voyage, and had stored it is roasted in the fire. At that time, pork became a state that was smoked in the smoke for firewood had been damp, more delicious, it was found that more can be saved. Those smoked the salted pork in the smoke has become the prototype of the current bacon. Origin of the bacon of the name, is said to be due to the fact that the United Kingdom of Francis Bacon has ordered a large amount of procurement of smoked goods of salted pork as food for the ship. Is that it has not embarked bacon by the ton in the fleet, it became a cause of bacon has spread around the world. In Japan it was transferred in mid-Edo period.
The history of raw ham
The raw ham, those that have been smoked it with the pork with salt, or it is the one that was dried pickled in salt without smoked. Of Italian "prosciutto", "Jamon Serrano" Spanish expression is a raw ham to make is not smoked, but the raw ham of Germany expression is a raw ham to make with smoked. Ham to make with the smoked, "Lux ham", you make a pork that was salted with smoked. Lux and it refers to the "salmon" in German, the color of the street Lux ham its name has a bright red color, such as salmon. Retention period of ham, there is the process of salting, drying and aging. There is a thing of which as many as 300 to 600 days to dry and aging, the retention period will also be close to two years. Bacon is what Rose meat of pigs has been processed, but for the ham is what was processed thigh meat of pig. Raw ham is seen as was born at about the same time as the breeding of livestock, that era is about 7000 years around BC. And ham had already from from about 9000 years ago now, it is a surprise.
The history of jerky
You jerky can be cited as a representative of smoked but, jerky has been said that Columbus was made by Indians from the front than to discover the Americas. For Indians who had been living while chasing such as Buffalo, I smoked that excellent and easy storage stability to carry is very convenient food. Then jerky America has went popular in fact that has been eaten as a soldier of save food at the time of the Vietnam war. Jerky is a preserved food that it was possible and to dry the meat, chicken fillet, horse meat, pork, but such as meat of kangaroo and crocodile will be used, is the beef jerky made of beef are you around for the Lord. The beef jerky, the synthesis of DNA, hemaTOPoietic, important role vitamin B12 and DNA synthesis with neural development, insulin, also good for the body are included, such as zinc, which has an important role in the synthesis of sex hormones food It is. Was added the perfume of salt and soaked in liquid smoke is, say it with smoked jerky what you went baked with smoked. The recipe and the desalted After the 10 hours salted. Then dried in 10 hours, it will over a period of 2 hours to smoked. More storage stability will be higher when the sun.
The history of smoked salmon
The smoked salmon is what you have flavored the salmon that was salted with smoke. It is a preserved food to take root throughout the world from ancient times, the Ainu had been made by cold smoked in Japan. This we call the "Toba". Smoked salmon is made up of generally cold smoking in Japan today. Firmly salted and smoking over a long time at a low temperature of 20 ℃ before and after the after desalted and dried. As typical of the salmon used in Europe is "Atlantic salmon". As a food, it is now also smoked salmon and Rocks, meuniere, fly such as a wide range of cuisine available. and against are in the salmon used in Japan typical is "Osuke". When it is this name you might not come much pin To, but just call the "King Salmon" alias, there will be that once heard. On the other hand, the above-mentioned "Toba" I can say that traditional smoked salmon of Japan. Toba is for the Ainu, also it is important as trade goods with Kazuto not only plays an important role as a self-sufficient food of their own, and even salmon are revered as "Kamuicheppu (God-fish)", clothing It had been used to. By the way, it is said that in 1975's first half of the commercialization of Toba has been performed. What is also a kind of jerky it will still exist in Japan. That is what is referred to as the "sauce of whale." This after he marinated red meat of Baird's beaked whales in salt or soy sauce-based sauce, Chiba Prefecture Boso local specialty products that sun. Now we do not have is much floating around, once it was common to eat Sai from roasted lightly without the seasoning so was too hard to eat as it is.
The history of Iburi Gakko
The Iburi gakko is what pickles transmitted to the Akita region, "Iburi" of a state in which the smoke comes out, "smoldering", "Gakko" means that of pickles in Akita valve. Iburi Gakko's was born, it is said that Akita Prefecture around the Muromachi period. In particular, since the deep snow in the Akita Prefecture, it will freeze when you radish and in the sun. Therefore, it suspended above the hearth, in the smoked and has Prevents the freezing by marinate the like rice bran and salt. This is, Iburi Gakko's beginning. Currently, fumigation from mid-October about 4-5 days, you can marinate 2-3 months from 10 late. Feature is that it burn in the hearth of the wood, such as oak or cherry, moisture escape slowly and carefully in the residual heat even at night, also, is that get the smell of smoke. Iburi Gakko, in addition to the texture of pickles, you can enjoy the taste of smoked that can not taste in pickles. Such as along with the rice and sake, also, you can enjoy a variety of eating to be or use in ingredients of the sandwich.
The history of sausage
Meat from the time when human beings appeared on the earth had been eaten. I've had the meat is in the beginning eaten raw, and from becoming able to use fire, to burn the meat and, I learned that you or boiled. Culture evolves, humanity is thinking that you save the meat has been fished, or dried, was or smoked in the smoke. This is now the beginning of a meat processing. In the Mesopotamia region, or there is a theory that before sausage was made in about 5000 years, in BC 900 BC, in the poetry of a man named Homer there is a word "sausage", it is very surprising. The etymology of the sausage, in the sense of pigs in the ancient German "Sau", there is a theory that could term "Sausage" combined the word "Sage" in the sense of bittersweet spice. The sausage will be used, such as pepper, mace, nutmeg, coriander, pepper, sage well. You can enjoy engender a variety of flavors depending on the kind and amount of spices. Sausage is made in countries around the world. Its nickname, Wrust in German (Burusuto), Saucisse in French (Soshisu), Spanish Korb (Kolb), Kielbasa in Polish (Kerubasa), Korbas in Hungarian (Korubasu), in Russian Karbas and (Karubasu) It is referred to as.
The history of dried bonito
Origin of dried bonito is not known with certainty. But, in front of the folk history about 1300 it has also used the name "Ken Fish", which has been that refers to the dried bonito. It is still indispensable as a soup of Japanese dried bonito, but you can see that it has been used much since ancient times. Bonito was also active in the Warring States period. Excellent protein, is spread as food for eat soldiers, it was a mobile food also required for travelers. Is that of the 1674's approach to smoked such a dried bonito have been devised. Ita person named Jintaro was the first time you smoked a bonito in Kishu. Later, modify the plate Yoichi to Tosa in 1758, it became the current to close dried bonito smoked method. Also, as the smoked method spread, section Izu also in other areas, I came to be made in a variety of places such as Satsuma clause. Bonito that was handed down to the present day in this way, color to our table as soup natural even now, also, as auspicious is also referred to as "Katsuobushi", it can also be used as for gifts of gratuity.
History of Japanese smoked
"Smoked method" in a thing that was there is a "hearth" in any home from a long time ago Japan is thought to have been allowed to equalize in the life of the very nature and people. On TOP of the hearth, hung the difference between fish and vegetables skewered, utilizes the heat and smoke to rise from the hearth, and was making a smoked in pristine. "Iburi radish" is also one of them, since become frozen to be in the Tohoku region where it snows a lot hang out radish outside, hung the radish on TOP of the hearth, and was making dried by smoke in the smoke. Radish pickled is made from 600 years ago, it was called "Iburi radish pickled". Most is it occur to head with Japan of smoked goods it would be "bonito". Bonito it had been processed as a preserved food from ancient times. By "Smoked method" that smoke in the firewood in 1200 before, also now save work than before, and has been useful. By the Heian period, the smoked method smoked in Narayakunugi be devised, that's right, the more prices will grain the same as corvee products (Buekihin) went up. In this way, smoked is from a long time ago, it is something that is history. However, the smoked meat was not done. This is because, in the Edo era Japan because the meat has been prohibited. The smoked meat was first started is from after the Meiji era. 1872, is Kataoka Iemon who was in Nagasaki, was taught the preparation of meat processing from American Pensuni. Among the meat also, sausage still eaten in many Japanese, German-style recipe is a mainstream, Germans were taken prisoner in the first World War remains in Japan, spread the preparation, Germans Japanese It is the thing which I learned how to make prisoners. The German is Carl Raymond. He was considered to be the animal protein missing in Japanese, become respectable body type that can not be overshadowed in Western also poor form of Japanese by eating a ham and sausages. So, he began to sell his own of making sausage in Hakodate city. Even after the death of Mr. Raymond, because that has been handed down up to now the name as a brand, there is now the sausage. Change Japan's diet significantly to the high economic growth period, processed foods such as ham and sausage are now some of the familiar on the table.
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