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 Smoked from the old

Smoked began from the front of the Stone Age more than 10,000 years. At the time of people to come hunting the meat and fish, had been living to eat it. Hunting became more and more prosperous as the age goes on, we will more and more food. Also increases the population the more food. The more population will continue is a need for food. By such circulation, also will continue to increase people starve to food. To prevent it, it's a way of enhancing the food storage stability has become necessary. And when the human race has to remember that the use of fire, and committed meat hung accidentally, it has been smoked by being smoked in smoke. From this accident, people have discovered that the increase in the storage stability by the smoked. Thanks to that, fewer people who go hungry in the food, we were led to the development of the food culture of the human race. In this way, smoked has been supporting our lives.

 In meeting with spices

And, smoked has continued to evolve from the past to the present day. Original smoked is, did those very difficult to eat because the smoke smelled, we now eat delicious now. There is a deep history even before so delicious to eat. Before notches from now about 2000, it was the Germanic peoples of Germany. By combining salted they were immersed in salt smoked and food utilizing the smoke, we have created a smoked close to the modern. And by a method of adding spice Europeans have discovered, and I was close to the smoked more modern. Originally smoked was a recipe only to save, now also pursue the taste at the same time, we continue to create a further new smoked. In this way, smoked with human beings, we have continued to evolve. In addition, it has taken root as a food culture around the world from time immemorial. Also smoked will go further evolved now.

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