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 Smoked mechanism
 We will describe first, smoked and smoke. Smoked and is, by that shoot smoke to food that was salted, it is that of preserved food or cooking method gave a smoked characteristic flavor as well as to allow for long-term storage. The smoke, it is that of food processing technology to penetrate the food the sterilization and antiseptic components contained in at the same time smoke and smoke is devoted to food put the flavor out when heating the wood, such as cherry. At the same time and smoked to penetrate the food sterilization components in smoke by smoking, by a long period of time of smoke, it has become a mechanism that storage stability is enhanced by ingredients of moisture is reduced.
 Benefits of smoked
As the benefits of smoked,
①It increases the storage stability of ingredients
②Is sterilized by reducing the moisture contained in the food
③Put the flavor of smoked
And so on.
 Enjoy smoked
It might "smoked to take a long time", "various tools is necessary." Some people think, such as "time-consuming", since recently may be the easy smoked in like cardboard and pot, such things in if smoked, easily and cost also a lot cheaper. In addition, the method of the smoked, there is also smoked way for beginners to not applied have much time. Modern smoked, rather than those that only people with certain people and allowance of the time do, is one of the tuna easily started is cooking method in our lives. And in smoked, there is also a unique flavor, ingredients and brings out the natural taste, there is also work to me delicious finish. Thus, not only storage stability in modern smoked, and I taste has also pursued.
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